Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Desert Shore

Road trip across the desert


  1. I dig the video, Alex. It's good timing, too, as I'm about to roadtrip to Las Vegas next week for Christmas since I can't make it back east to see my family. I'll definitely be trying to put together a similar playlist. Open to some suggestions for driving across the desert :)

  2. kyle:
    I always put on some muddy waters & lightnin' hopkins when I'm cruisin. if you get bored, put on miles davis' "bitches brew", it will freak you the fuck out when things get a bit mundane on the road. Not recommended if your tired after driving 5 or 6 hrs though. it can be dangerous.

  3. Thanks for the recommendations, I'll definitely bring them along with me. There will certainly be some Dirty Beaches up in the mix, too. Hope all is well with you and your travels.