Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Who is Arthur Chu?

Hi guys

Its been a while, I'm currently in Montreal working on a Canadian feature film playing the role of a strung out musician (lol) but that's not what I wanted to share with you today.  I've recently signed on to a very special documentary project about Arthur Chu, 11 time Jeopardy winner, and his winding, painful tales of growing up feeling like an alien and outcast in middle America.

WHO IS ARTHUR CHU? Teaser 11-09-15 from Yu Gu on Vimeo.

Although I never rejected my Taiwanese heritage, I can certainly relate to these painful coming of age stories thats been echoed by other Asian American's like Eddie Huang. When you are stuck between point A and B, its very easy to choose one side and completely forfeit or assimilate, adapt or erase, conform or reject everything that is you. I stayed between the two worlds, because neither side will ever fully accept me as who I am, which is an amalgamation of all the places that raised me.  I embody the traits of every city I've ever lived in through out my formative years. I am who I am because I accept myself as who I am. But without turning this into my story (sorry got emotional and sidetracked...) I want to say I am very proud to be a part of a project that voice these undocumented social concerns.  I hope that my friends, family, and fans can help contribute to this unique independent documentary film made to tell this unique story of Arthur's brutally honest existential journey. *To all the self hating Asian Americans out there, y'all need to see this and check yourself, cuz there is nothing you should be ashamed about growing up in this foreign land.

If you wish to donate to this project and help us get this film out there, please check the link below and feel free to share the link to your friends and family via social media.  Your support means everything to us.


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