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Uncle Tony, from Master Chef Diner

Casa Nuevo

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Vancouver has been ideal for my newest and most ambitious project to date, A digital collection of 8 short film episodes that revolve around 8 stories in 8 different cities.

Episode 1 is a modern take on the film noir genre you can say. They are not homages.

I hang out with old timers everyday at my local diners here on east Hastings listening to the twin peaks soundtrack Conor got me for my birthday, I'm hooked. It is a long term project. film consumes a lot more time than music on a complete different scale. I am hoping to upload them on the internet once each episode is complete for people who are interested in viewing them.

Episode 1: starring Bernardino Femminielli

who will also be featured on the soundtrack as a guest composer. The shooting was finished in 2 five hour sessions during my finals days in montreal. Can't wait to score the film with him. If you don't know him yet, you should: Bernardino's music

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Photo by Brooke Doyle

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