Monday, January 31, 2011

Interview W/ CHRW radio

Interviewer Mike Bot did a great job compiling all the music that was featured on his show that he co-runs with his girl, and nailed pretty much all of my influences in one interview. If only all the music journalists could be as professional, and thoughtful as Mike. Here's to you bud.

Listen to the show here:



Meet my favorite new band: The Offset Spectacles
A wicked 3 piece Noir Garage group from Hong Kong, now based in Beijing. We jammed and recorded 3 tracks in their studio and I can't wait to be back there again jamming with them. Beijing was amazing, everyone was incredibly friendly and the food was sooooooooo fucking good. Also big thank you to Zhu Wen Bo for letting me crash at your place for 3 days. It was a breath of fresh air being in a new town again, where the creative energy is so strong that it's contagious.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Digital Mixtape - Friends Are Your Family VOL. 2

Next up on the bat we got some heavy hitters from Toronto, Nova Scotia, Beijing, and dream jams from Montreal, Berlin, Hamilton, Madison, Los Angeles, and New York.

1) Generic Shit - Black Stocking Jam
2) Actual Water - Ivory and Oak
3) Onakabazien - The Bad Ones
4) Slim Twig - A Veil & A Vice (Notorious Bride)
5) The Offset Spectacles - Snags
6) Jef Barbara - Larmes de Crocodile
7) Femminielli - Souvenir Express
8) Speculator - Cruiser
9) Hobo Cubes - Waiting to Return
10) Peaking Lights - Silver Tongues, Soft Whispers
11) Ela Orleans - Better Friends
12) Man Meets Bear - The Wilderness Calls
13) Brendan Orange - Backwards Prayer


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Digital Mixtape - Friends Are Your Family VOL. 1

This is a mix of some of my dearest friends whose music I sincerely love. They are all veterans of various underground scenes that I have met over the past 4 years and have continued to release unique and fucking great music that I love.

Feel free to re-blog this mix on your blogs. 2011 will be a exploding new year of fresh music that keeps coming our way. Volume 2 will follow shortly...

1) Brave Radar - Beast
2) Postcards - Gum
3) Postcards - Mint
4) U.S. Girls - Take Over Dynamix
5) Parallel Pyres - Wo yao ni de ai
6) Wet Hair - Cult Electric Annihilation
7) Grand Trine - Say it
8) Femminielli - Las Enamoradas
9) Cresting - Squared feet
10) Lantern - In the night alone