Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LIVE in Barcelona, photos by Julien Mignot

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guitar Center LA

Photo by Nic Harcourt

DB guitar magazine fantasy photo? haha

Eola - Deo Gracias

My friend Edwin White (1/2 of Tonstartssbandht) just released his solo album on his own inprint DOESARE, the project is called EOLA and deo gracias is something thats really special to my ears because it feels like god's music, like hymns from some future dystopian religion. It reminded me of Aki Kaurismaki films: underneath the stillness of tragedy and sadness, belies this innocent comedic humor.

You know that feeling when your inside a church all by yourself and there is some hymns playing and it moves you to the point of tears? Or when your alone walking whistling or just sitting still staring out to the unknown thinking of stuff? Or when you think of something funny and you burst out smiling with a huge dumb grin on your face and no body knows why the hell your giggling?

Ed's music is all of that rolled into one. And it will prove itself over time, cuz I think its timeless music, and its fucking brilliant.

check out yourself here:


*recommended tracks: Ancient Hill, Loch Lomond

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Just did a interview for LDWT in the south of Italy on this run, it was amazing to be there sitting at the sea. I also did a improvised instrumental track for the interview when they brought me a classical guitar, and for the first time I felt this weird deja vu shit as if I had been to that place in my past life, or must've dreamt about a place like that somehow in dreams. I felt like I've been there before for some reason even though it was my first time in Italy.

The music came pouring out in one take, and after watching the video I felt like that song was somehow sent to me via telepathy or through past ghosts or some other freaky shit that can't be explained by science. The music starts at 11:30 mark if you want to skip thru the interview.

More pics here at LDWT's website: http://www.ldwt.net/2011/08/down-by-the-sea-an-interview-with-dirty-beaches/#more-357

Friday, August 5, 2011

New 7" Lone Runner out on Suicide Squeeze Records

Hi guys, the new 7"s A Side is a Live track I recorded over at part time punk radio show in LA, on the B Side it features the track STYE EYE that I collaborated with my friend Francesco De Gallo (Hobo Cult Records) and Case Mahan (Street Gnar)

You can order the 7" here: http://suicidesqueeze.bigcartel.com/

the only time I've ever played STYE EYE Live was during the DDG/MINKS tour in the video below (albeit a different version from the recording since DDG/MINKS never heard the song before haha, but it was fun and it worked out in the end)