Friday, August 5, 2011

New 7" Lone Runner out on Suicide Squeeze Records

Hi guys, the new 7"s A Side is a Live track I recorded over at part time punk radio show in LA, on the B Side it features the track STYE EYE that I collaborated with my friend Francesco De Gallo (Hobo Cult Records) and Case Mahan (Street Gnar)

You can order the 7" here:

the only time I've ever played STYE EYE Live was during the DDG/MINKS tour in the video below (albeit a different version from the recording since DDG/MINKS never heard the song before haha, but it was fun and it worked out in the end)


  1. Amazing generic shit Alex!! I'll be snatching up that new 7" of lone runner!! Let Shawn know how awesome he is next time you see him. Both orders received!

  2. That Glasslands clip is what got me into your music. Can't wait to hear the recorded version.

  3. October 4th!! Your killing me mang! Had to grab the clear pressing as well, very cool!