Saturday, August 31, 2013

DB Back in USA Tour 2013

Hey guys, glad to be back in the new world, and our favorite continent.  Its strange to be back and to be able to understand what pedestrians are saying, and to be able to have small talks at corner stores, and cafes with strangers.  Theres been some changes in the DB camp lately that I'd like to update y'all.  First, our dear brother and friend Femminielli won't be joining us this tour, Bernardino will be focusing on his solo project FEMMINIELLI, he will be on tour with NOIR in Europe in November, so go check em out when they play your city.  

Second, I've recently suffered a hip injury from jumping out of a 2nd floor window.  It was 5am, I was late to catch my flight in Berlin, the building was one of those old german apartments and the hinterhaus door was locked from the inside.  I had just returned the sublet apt key, so I was fucked and locked inside.  Calling a locksmith would've taken 45min, knocked on neighbors door but no answer, I did a fast scan in my brain and the only conclusion I came up with was to jump out from the 2nd floor window.  I threw my suitcase down, then looked at the time and I was really late for my flight, I took 2 minutes examining the height, clutched my laptop in my arms and then leapt.  I fell fucking hard.  

I then limped my way out to the Taxi I had called 10 min prior and headed out to Tegel airport.  I was wheelchaired through Heathrow and JFK by lovely staff of British Airways (amazing service) for this 18 hr journey... Then proceeded to wait 7hrs at the Jewish Gerneral Hospital ER in Montreal.  Bienvenue a QUEBEC.  (special thanks to Mike Farsky and Carlo Dellamotta for picking me up at Trudeau you boys) I'm ok now, but had a serious problem walking for a few days.  I'm currently walking with a cane.  Might be performing on stage sitting down or with a cane.  Shub and I are working on the new set and its coming together really well.  Expect lots of drone and instrumentals, along with songs from Drifters/LITD.  No songs from badlands.  Over it.  Done.  

Lots more new songs and new material on the horizon.  Can't wait for 2014.  

Oh yeah, turning 33 next week.  Instead of a rager, I'm just gonna treat it like another night on tour.  Post show night caps, enter sandman.  See y'all in your town soon.  

August 31, 2013.  Ottawa.