Thursday, December 20, 2012


Wow, I'd never thought this would be possible.  Not just becauase I've never been to Australia, but I can finally get to see the homeland of my friend Conor (fixture records), kangaroos, koala bears(!), deep fried mars bars, Blundstone boots, and Rowland S Howard.  This is gonna be cool.  I've heard so many amazing good things already from my friends Wet Hair, who toured there this past year.   Can someone take us to go fishing and BBQ somewhere? Man I'm so excited to go to Oz.

But wait, theres more.  This is gonna be the dangerous part of the tour for me cuz I'm definitely gonna eat myself to death and become a sloth in: HONG KONG!!!!! SOUTH KOREA!!!!!!! AND JAPAN!!!!! This will be my first time to Korea as well so I can't wait to eat some real Bulgogi and Kalbi and sundubu jjigae.  I'm gonna for sure gain like 20 lbs on this tour....expect a lot of food pictures on this tour.

below are the dates:

Feb 8th - Perth International Arts Festival - Perth, WAU
Feb 10th - The Tote - Melbourne
Feb 11th - FBI Social - Sydney
Feb 13th - Back Stage Live - Hong Kong
Feb 15th - Almost Famous - Busan
Feb 16th - Moon Night - Seoul
Feb 18th - Tokyo Astro Hall - Tokyo

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DB Improv Live with Vittorio (Father Murphy)

heres a video taken by Federico of me and shub jamming with one of our favorite drummer/tour buddy Vittorio from one of the best bands in Italy: Father Murphy.  Taken during our tour together supporting Xiu Xiu in the US.  Vittorio is obviously catering to our motorik beat style in this video, but check out their amazing band father murphy here with Federico and Chiara: