Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DB Live instore at Luchador Records, Barcelona


The track is an old B-side that never made it to the Night People Tape I put out in 2009 titled "Valentine". Back in 2007-2009 this was the Dirty Beaches set up, RC-2 loop station pedal, and a holy grail reverb pedal (the only pedal I've kept since 2002 when I was still playing in bands) it was very light to travel with, as sometimes I had to play shows after work, I would bring the 2 pedals and my microphone to work, and take a bus to the venue and borrow other bands amp and guitar. Very economical and compact. Although the stripped down set up is not for everyone. But sometimes you have to work with what you have and play the cards that your dealt with. Luchador is a nice, relatively new record store in Barcelona, for those of you that live in Europe, go check it out if your there for a trip. Scenery: Skaters skating on ultra modern architecture/art gallery entrances, mixed in with an old looking neighborhood where old Spanish ladies dry their laundry and knickers out from their windows and balconies.

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