Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paris 3am

This track started as an improvise exercise Frank and I did on this past European tour after we've exhausted ourselves playing a set list that was more based around BADLANDS, so around the time we were leaving Italy, we started experimenting more with ambient abstract guitar/sax pairing, challenging ourselves every night, taking chances improvising on the spot; this was the result. I owe this to France, as it was very much inspired from walking around Paris and other cities in France late at night whilst everyone was fast asleep in the dead of night during this past summer European tour. Those feelings remained with me long after I left Paris, and upon my return this fall it brought back those empty streets vividly into my mind.

Dedicated to Cedric, Chantal, Sebastien, and DB fans in France. Thank you for giving me this song. I'd like to share this with all DB fans and made it into a free download. Hope you guys like it.




Paris 3am by Dirty Beaches


  1. Thank you Alex, love this instrumental !
    your DB french fans don't forget u,
    you're amazing, come back soon in Paris, can't wait for new music, new concert :)

    S├ębastien B
    from Paris

  2. merci seb~

    yeah I can't wait to come back and play all the new songs for you guys next year ~!

  3. Hey man, saw you were up for Sexiest Artist for CBCs Bucky Awards. got my vote. I really hope to eventually catch a show. In the mean time I've enjoyed reading the posts during your tour of tasty adventures.
    Thanks and All the best.

  4. it's amazing how night and some streets can end up into a song like this. really liked it. i can imagine those streets.

    thank you alex for being ispired and inspiring us in return.

    take care! xo xo xo

  5. czarna: thanks, sister.

    pandora: thsnks buddy, been working on a new film score for a very talented film maker in LA; film score COMING SOON to Bandcamp