Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meeting Mike Watt & The Missing Men

On Nov 1st, 2011, Antwerp, we played a show with the beloved and respected Mike Watt (& the missing men). Mike's crew were all awesome people and incredibly nice, we had dinner together that was cooked up by the promoters in Antwerp (curry chicken with salad, potatoes, and tomato soup) Later Mike, Raul and Tom played a fucking rad set and we were thrilled to see them live. Crazy funk- free jazz- rock n roll with stream of consciousness beat poetry. True inspiration and such honor to have played a show with them and witness TRUE GRIT. Mike Watt has so much mileage and stories and yet remains so humble and amazing, still pursuing what he thinks is artistically worthwhile, serves as a great model for us to pursue and carve out our own path.

Heres what Mike said about DB on his tour diary which you can read here:

"...dirty beaches is righteous, I loved the set he did. lots of it has frank on sax, beret and sunglasses w/trippy augmenting w/his reed to alex's singing and guitar. lots of times alex breaks down to just singing w/stripped-down to only a machine's drum and very powerful. there's another mesmerizing time where he works his guitar into a world where I'm hearing boats in the night, it captivates me - I'm on board a ghost ship, hearing other ones close and far. "I'm your man" he sings way down from his heart at another point, "you can't replace me" at another. whoa. so bitchin' when you see someone for the first time and they blow you away. crimony.

big hugs for alex and frank - yeah I get their album so I can play on my radio show (so sorry no time for a show on this tour - probably next one after I get back from tokyo november fourteen). "safe seas" I tell them and easy load for us, the folks from the club helping much. I do an interview w/a antwerp cat who's on the ball, lots of gig-goers to give me the good word - so very kind of them. tonight was a good time all the way around!.

the konk pad's nearby and is called the tulip hotel. I am way tuckered and after some talk w/the guys, maybe twelve and a half when I konk."


  1. Mike Watt is a true hero. It is so cool you met him.

    His description of being on a 'ghost boat' was so fucking cool. Love that man, no pretension.

  2. Luca Mo:
    yeah mike is amazing. super down to earth and such a great guy in general, its amazing how humble he is despite all his accomplishments.

  3. He has done some pretty amazing stuff. I really respect his work. The minutemen, sonic youth, firehose, secondmen, playing with the stooges!! Not to mention his solo body of work! The guy refuses to slow down and never fails to impress! So awesome you guys met and chilled with one of the greats!