Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grand Trine

Grand Trine is one of my favorite live bands to watch when I lived in Montreal, but also because I love tobias and shub like my brothers, and they've been going at it for a few years now, constantly progressing and maturing from genre bending weird punk to blown out Rock N Roll mayhem.

Free Download Link Here

you can get more info of the tape on grand trine's blog HERE

Its been long sold out and out of print for a few years now, so I'm glad they decided to upload them and share with us this special tape again.


  1. Playing like the world's gonna end... and it is! Fair enough for me.

  2. Alex- you could land a music blogging gig if this music thing don't work out.

  3. ZOO:
    I asked a very embarrassing question to fixture records in 2008 when they told me a music blog reviewed me: "isn't that just someone's diary or something?"

    Hey, I'm learning. Trying my best to be a modern guy.

  4. This blog is amazing!!