Sunday, May 29, 2011

A friend sent me the link to this video this morning, saying that I would like it, and from the moment it started, the aquatic coloring of the images took over me. Reminded me of early Christopher Doyle Cinematography Ala Chungking Express and Fallen angels, the frantic editing also reminded of WKW and french new wave cinema.

Check out Grace Denis' cool photography site:


  1. Love it.

    Your music is very inspiring. I'm about to begin to write the first scene of my new short film project (it's a dream scene) and your "True Blue" has been the pivotal inspiration.

    Thanks man, you really are a master.

  2. It would awesome if you went back and did a forever in gold video. I been listening to that stuff on repeat all day mang!! Solid gold state is my second favorite next to badlands, with horror at third.