Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Water Park Theme Test 1

Just got back home from the studio, currently working on a score for Evan Prosofsky's upcoming film "water park", a Canadian film that takes place at a indoor water park in Edmonton, Alberta. The test take was inspired by Steve Reich's phases compositions, and from what my mathless brain could handle, I started off with simple patterns with 3 chords that are harmonically intertwined. And from there I experimented a little bit with William Basinski's tape disintegration technique, which is a concept to copy the audio tape until it starts corroding itself. (kinda like the VHS copy idea in which the quality of the copy worsens each time around) As a result, it generated some weird frequencies along with this tape wash sound that almost sound like waves.

Indoor man made waves.

Wish I had more time to record...will be leaving for tour this friday.

Good night, folks.

Water park theme tape disintegration by Dirty Beaches


  1. Disintegration Loops was my quintessential tour hangover soundtrack