Monday, April 25, 2011


Had the pleasure of finally meeting Rex tonight in Portland, AKA Mattress, AKA Reservations. Who was a huge influence on the conception of early Dirty Beaches back in 2006 after I saw him perform at Cagibi in Montreal all alone on a stage, crooning. Armed with tape machine back up tracks, pedals, and other machinery, he rocks the mic like a shadow dancer in the night. Incredible voice.

Check out his music and go check out one of my personal favorite tracks "Eldorado"

Mattress Myspace

Rex is taking me for some graaaaavy and biscuits tomorrow for lunch.

Boooooya can't wait

*Update May 1st, 2011

Also, in relation to one man performances, David Byrne in this video is also apart of the dirty beaches genetic make up. This video gave me so much ideas when I first came across it a few years back.

Such a great stage and set design and performance. Amazing.



  1. Rex is such a great guy. Last summer i had planned my trip to VanBC just to catch one of his live-shows(at the Honey Lounge). It was a perfect night, even after his show: bus-driver gave me a free ride to Broadway and i enjoyed a walk thru the summer-night to my host's home in East-Vancouver. If Mattress will ever come to Berlin i will do everything to get him a show.

  2. the david b. vid is one of my fave postings on yer blog, soooo good!

  3. wolfgang: Rex would love that. He totally deserves it. Such a great guy. I love his music.

    Yeah i love that video. Its really amazing. Have you seen his organ/warehouse installation? Its called play the building i think. Fucking amazing artist.

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