Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fixture records - Japan Tsunami Relief Donation

For more info, visit:

For the next month, we will be donating 100% of download sales on our website to the Miyagi Prefecture in Japan to help with their relief efforts.


Dirty Beaches - Bird EP » Listen / Download
Dirty Beaches - Seaside EP » Listen / Download
Postcards - self-titled cassette » Listen / Download

All downloads cost $5 CAN
We can process payments using paypal or credit card
After checkout, you will be automatically re-directed to a page to download a zip file containing the mp3s and album art
Our friends at Big Love Records in Harajuku, Tokyo will forward your donations to the Miyagi government to allocate as necessary. They believe that sending donations directly to the local regional council will have the fastest and most efficient result.

If you already have these titles and would still like to contribute, you can make a simple donation through Big Love and/or order records and merch marked “charity” in their online shop.

Please reblog/forward/tweet/share, etc.

Thanks to Postcards and Dirty Beaches for donating their music.

More info:
Miyagi Prefecture (in japanese)

Big Love


  1. I did not even know these releases existed.
    I am more than happy to pay for such wonderful music knowing it goes to the creator, but even more happy to pay for it knowing the creator is willing to give this money away to help those in dire need.
    When did these releases come out in relation to your tapes and your newest singles and LP?

  2. Luca:

    these were written around 2006-2007, and was released in 2008. We've raised $130 so far, and hopefully we'll be able to raise more and send it over to Japan ASAP. Thanks for the support Luca.