Monday, March 7, 2011

Demo - Street Beat Dub

Just recorded this in my friend Matt Koshak's Studio in Bushwick, NY. Featuring the talented Sandy Vu on drums, and Matt on the dub control booth. It was recorded LIVE and mixed in a 3hr session, we ran and hopped in a cab to our show at glasslands immediately after. It was a productive day and a great night in New York. Everyone at the show were super nice and we all had a great time afterwards dancing to Dee Dee's DJ set.

Street Beat dub (demo) by Dirty Beaches

Matt and I will resume to mixing this track and dub it out even furthermore when we get to his apartment in LA.

Enjoy the demo!


  1. Thanks for coming down to DC last night... the show was awesome! Unfortunately I don't think DC hardcore represented when asked, the scene ain't what it used to be...

    Was bonus to pick up the new LP a bit early. Sounds great on vinyl.

  2. thanks for coming to the show, its ok, nothing is what it used to be nowadays, but thats why we try and make stuff happen in the present. I really think this is the golden age of internet music, there are so many talented people making music in their own apartments, and now the internet has provided them a platform to share with other people. Thanks for buying the record. Every single sell counts. I sincerely appreciate it.


  3. i dig this direction.

    dub tape pls!

  4. Stonyheavysupercool. Waiting for a rematch.

  5. my friend matt and i are gonna work on it some more in LA and hopefully get more tracks done and do a split dub tape. stay tuned!!!

  6. Am excited.

    Is it difficult to release tapes and 7inches? It seems like the first thing most independent bands release.
    It seems so daunting.

  7. luca:

    or you can release it online as a download. which is easier to reach people in my opinion. Its more important to keep writing than to find a label to release it. eventually someone will discover it and ask you to put it out. Whats important is that first step to release something, and to follow up with recordings, and to keep doing so whether it matters to other people or not. A friend who's a writer once said to me "if your a writer, you write. Everyday. Theres no way around it."

    I apply that to music.

  8. MORE DUB!!

    sounds good man!

  9. you guys are just perfect...perfect,perfect,perfect..
    you just keep outdoing yourselves...
    its unbelievable...
    its really hard to find a fault in you guys...
    you must be aliens or something...
    but whatever u are and whatever your doing keep doing it

  10. The recording marathon for the dub tape starts today, can't wait!

  11. any news about this or was it aborted ?

    is it only avaiable as rebel youth of neon dub in this 2010 Mixtape of La Station Radar (for Hartzine) ?

  12. paul:
    unfortunately its currently sitting in limbo as we are waiting for my friend matt's side. My side was done that afternoon when I posted it last year...It might be a while, or end up as one of those tapes in the attic types.

  13. I persist in saying that this tape should come to life :)