Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It was good to see my friends Wet Hair and Night People head honcho Shawn Reed after so many missed connections of us being on the road constantly missing each other in our respective cities. It was really inspiring to see Shawn in his environment, witnessing the crazy tape deck dubbing station, silk screening work shop/ jam space in the basement, all which he operates alone, or at times with the help of fellow Night people artists Ryan Garbes and Justin. He's been doing this for years now, and I'm really proud to be apart of the collection of artists that have been on this roster, which continues to grow featuring countless undiscovered bands, artists, hobos, weirdos, what have you.

We also recorded 20 min worth of material as one band (WET HAIR + DB) during the Mission Creek festival's artist residency, expect it to be out on Night people records sometime in the near future. Psych/Kraut rock influences ahoy.

*shout out to Rene Hell and Peaking Lights. Hope to hang next time when the NP crew hits the road.

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