Sunday, January 29, 2012


Really glad to be able to go back to Europe and reunited with some of our friends, and to newer territories that I've never played before like Oslo, stockholm, and malmo. We will have some new merch to sell too:

1) DB tour t-shirt based off the US GIRLS split 7" cover art I designed a while back (the image above), it will be available on white t-shirts.

2) 2 new DB 7"s Made in Europe
one from our buddies Bronson in Ravenna, (MADE IN ITALY WITH LOVE)

and the other one is from our friend Jan's Slow Boy label in Cologne, (MADE IN GERMANY WITH LOVE)

*Info, help needed for Eastern Europe:

I've been wanting to tour through Eastern Europe for a very long time now but with no luck with the bookings, the furthest I've gone to is Czech Republic. If you are a DB fan or can help with booking shows in eastern europe, please get in touch with me and my EU booking agent Rebecca:



* Updated 2012 Feb 1

Tue 07-Feb-12 Ravena Italy Bronson

Wed 08-Feb-12 Torino Italy Astoria

Thu 09-Feb-12 Rome Italy Traffic Club

Sat 11-Feb-12 Baden Switzerland Fjord

Sun 12-Feb-12 Lignon Switzerland Piscine du Lignon

Wed 15-Feb-12 Amiens France Lune des Pirates

Thu 16-Feb-12 Roubaix France La Condition Publique

Fri 17-Feb-12 Joué-lès-Tours France Le Temps Machine

Sat 18-Feb-12 Montpellier France Rockstore

Sun 19-Feb-12 Paris France La Maroquinerie

Mon 20-Feb-12 La Rochelle France La Java des Paullu...

Tue 21-Feb-12 Kortrijk Belgium De Kreun

Thu 23-Feb-12 Groningen Netherlands Vera

Fri 24-Feb-12 Cologne Germany King Georg

Sat 25-Feb-12 Berlin Germany Kater Hotzig

Sun 26-Feb-12 Hamburg Germany Indra

Tue 28-Feb-12 Copenhagen Denmark Loppen

Wed 29-Feb-12 Malmo Sweden Debaser 450

Thu 01-Mar-12 Bergen Norway Landmark

Fri 02-Mar-12 Oslo Norway Revolver

Sat 03-Mar-12 Stockholm Sweden Debaser

Wed 07-Mar-12 Rotterdam Netherlands Worm


  1. Hello Aalex, Where I can find the 2 7" to buy.
    BR from Portugal

  2. nuno:
    the 7"s are not out yet, but will be available next month in FEB. I'll put a post and links to where people can order the 7"s online, cheers.

  3. the design on that top 7" is super rad. will you have some avail for us in the states?
    hope tour goes well.
    chris and dario at bronson are the best!
    xo & cheers from nyc.

  4. aaaah, of all the gin joints in the world you have to play Bergen while I'm away!

    come back again!

  5. Will there also be a link to grab the tour t-shirt for those of us who can't be there?! ... Craxy to think it's been nearly a year of spinning "Badlands" now, with much respect from South Africa...

  6. michael:
    yeah for sure, will make more on the US tour this summer. Chris & dario ARE THE BEST people i've met in EU. cheers mike

    old man t bone:
    will do~

    they are for touring only, if they sell well, I might put them online for shipping. Would love to play south africa!

  7. Ah man, that would be so spectacular to have Dirty Beaches on South African shores!!! When would you be available to do something like this? I can hook you up with accommodation and venues, etc... I will email you more details if you like! Save a shirt for me ;)

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  11. are the 7" tunes going to be on bandcamp too?

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  13. Dear Alex, had been such a great pleasure to enjoy your very special gig tonite!!! yay, so happy you finally made it to berlin, love what I saw & heard & hope you'll come back soon...till then keep well, a fine tour & all the best *

  14. Hey... I really like your music. I am moving from the UK to Canada this year for a bit of work, a bit of travel and plenty of adventure. When will you be back performing there? Or in the US... ? I don't know where I'll live yet - maybe East, maybe West, probably just keep moving. Laura x

  15. I have realized that the more I play the piano, the smarter I get. You might want to add it to your site! Cheers too!

  16. I would love to get my hands on these 7"s! Are they going to be put on Bandcamp at least?


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