Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ela Orleans / Dirty Beaches - Double Feature Split 12" LP

Beautiful art work by Shawn Reed

Split 12"LP with my friend Ela Orleans out now!!!

Background info on my side of the split:

These songs were recorded the same time as badlands, and in a way are the b-sides of the album. sonically they didn't flow or fit in with the original concept and were unfortunately axed from the final cut. I was very pleased to have found a home for them when Night People and La Station Radar approached me and Ela last year about this split. the songs were then edited and submitted shortly after badlands were submitted for mastering with zoo music. Woven like a alternative narrative story ark in the saga of badlands, its very much a short film in essence. Perhaps what I love the most about this batch of songs is its feminine quality and the female characters that come into play in the foreground of this story.

watch the videos


If you live in North America, order from NIGHT PEOPLE as the shipping will be cheaper to save some unnecessary spending and if you live in Europe/other territories I would suggest ordering from LA STATION RADAR / ATELIRR CISEAUX



  1. Night people is good people. Still patiently awaiting the delivery of your "Night City" tape. Must jump back on the website and order this fine vinyl release.

  2. save me a copy of this n' badlands wouldja. will trade for whatever's new when next i see you.


  3. twig:
    for sure, i'll save a copy for you for the trade of you and meg's split. thank meg for giving me a copy. I owe you guys one. will save you a copy of badlands too.

    was really good to see you and meg.


  4. Je viens d'acheter le vinyle et j'├ęcoute en boucle Badlands. Album incroyable! See you in Bordeaux in july!

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