Friday, February 4, 2011

Digital Mixtape - Friends Are Your Family VOL. 3

On opening and closing tracks we got cream of the crop of Beijing, The offset: Spectacles, and Soviet pop (Experimental minimalist Duo Li Qing and Li Weisi), both fellow rose mansion analog homies. Outdoorsmen are a garage rock n roll band from Hawaii (I covered their song Drunk Driving on the US girls split 7"), they are now based in San Francisco, check out their shows if you live in SF. Onakabazien appears again as my favorite one man hip hop beat conduktor of toronto. Lantern requires no introduction on this blog (the new project of my good friend Zach Fairbrother) and last but not least Heavy times, hard hitting bros that I met on tour in Chicago, and they are incredibly amazing LIVE. I punched a hole in the ceiling during their set jumping around in a basement with strangers last time we played together.

I will be leaving Singapore tomorrow morning, back to Communist internet hell. So this will be my last blog post for a while until I return to North America.

Enjoy the mixtape, and Happy New Year!

Track listing:

1) The Offset: Spectacles - Elements
2) Outdoorsmen - Lay it on me
3) Lantern - Come on Rip lets take a trip
4) Heavy Times - Hunted Passenger
5) Onakabazien - Street kontroller
6) Soviet pop - A capital Deutsch pulse Einstein



  1. thanks for the mixes & inspiration. can't wait for the album in march. is badlands a reference to the movie?

  2. i love that terrence malick film, but my album has nothing to do with it. great film, nonetheless.

  3. Hey Alex, it's Jesse from Silver Dapple. Just wanted to say thanks for the mixes as well, and share my mutual love of all things Terrence Malick. Hope you're enjoying your travels! Gonna drop you an email about other biz soon...

  4. really dig this tape, thank u!

    was wondering if I could link an mp3 to a post for “A Hundred Highways” on my radio station's website? if that's cool, pls hit me up!

  5. Hey's Emily as in Emily and Zach. (i can't believe i have to identify myself that way but i don't know if you know my last name). anyways...i just wanted to say hi and that i really love your new stuff...awesome johnny cash cover! really hope you come to philly next year. honestly your music is some of my most favorite new stuff happening.

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  7. we wrote a review!

  8. Hey, loving this mixtape. I actually just put together a pretty decade stretching mixtape myself largely out of my adoration for your sound and the multitude of artists you seem to conjure. I think there's some old jams you'll definitely be into:

  9. thanks for all the love guys, just got back from china. The food was amazing there. I leave for tour tomorrow so probably can't answer your questions while I'm on the road, but feel free to repost the mixes I've made, as they're meant to be heard. The more people hear them, the better. I hope you guys will love those bands I recommended as much as I do.

    Friends are your family when your a stranger in a new town.

    god speed.


  10. "Digital Mixtape: Friends Are Your Family" likely implies a compilation of digital media, perhaps music or videos, Best Speeds Internet curated to celebrate the significance of friends as an extended family.