Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HAUSU - 1977

Really want to find a copy of this horror flick from Japan in the late 70's, its so weird that I feel like my psyche was somewhat violated after watching this clip.



    watch it for free?

  2. This movie is insane, man! We put this as a projection for one of my bands performances in Chicago! This flick is weird even for Japan

  3. yeah man I watched part of it at my friends place when I was in new york, I was really bugging out. but the quality was really bad so I've been trying to find a DVD copy of it. Is it released in the north america on dvd?

  4. it was just released by Criterion. nice packaging and everything:

    you should be able to rent and buy it pretty easy anywhere now.

  5. damn, criterion is releasing this? gonna take a run to the video store this weekend for a rental.

    Thanks for the tip man.

  6. this is such a great flick... definitely one of my favourites!

    if you're into downloading torrents i recommend

    they may be full, but keep trying until you get an account because its one of the best sites ever for weirdo horror/gore, sci-fi, exploitation, b-movies, cult favs, etc... tons of great japanese cinema...

  7. thanks buddy! I'll check it out once I get more space on my hard drive. cheers man!


  8. They also screen it at IFC all the time in the West Village!

    One of the most special flicks of all time!

  9. Download it from Pirate Bay...
    Just Google "Hausu Movie Torrent"
    Quik and easy...