Saturday, November 13, 2010

Info on Badlands LP

Currently in portland now at a roadside motel called The Palms, on N interstate. It has a giant flashing neon palm tree as their sign. Like something out of a movie, $50/night with Wi-fi. I'm in a smoking room and it doesn't smell like ass. Highly recommend it to those on the road passing thru portland.

In terms of the up and coming full length "Badlands" LP, I have already submitted all 8 tracks to Zoo music last month, the cover art is almost finished, and we will need to get it mastered and the whole 9 yards but we are shooting for march 2011 as the current release date. I'm very excited and can't wait until it comes out because I worked my fuckin ass off for this LP. I have enough b-sides from this album to make another album. (Some, which you will hear in the upcoming split 12" with Ela Orleans)

A brief background on the LP:
The concept behind Badlands, is about a man who is possessed by the road. My mother used to say to me, "you walk at night often enough, sooner or later you'll run into a ghost." I think its very true, as the devil comes in all forms. Just here to fuck your shit up.

Side A will be all bangers, with songs about leaving, and being chased on the road, and driving a burning car into oblivion. Side B will be ballads, and dirges laced with murder and lament. Expect similar fidelity as golden desert sun and night city recordings. I am looking into upgrading my recording gear as soon as them paychecks come in, so to deliver a better quality product to the listeners. But as of now, its budget home recordings.

In the meantime, I'll be making my way north, up to vancouver after this weekend. It has been a long journey since I left montreal last month. Highlight being driving from NY to san diego in 45 hrs with 3/5 of the crocodiles. we drove non stop other than gas/peepee/shit and food. 4 drivers on shifts. Everyone was amazing, no one bitched or complained. We just drove that motherfuckin van all the way across the USA. I was the only night owl of the group so I had the 3am to 9am shift. Driving across the desert at night until the sun came up is a memory I will always cherish and remember forever.

to good health, and safe driving.



  1. i absolutely cannot wait for this album to come out. Just the brief knowledge that you drove into San Diego on a highway from night to surnrise assures me that your music will be nothing shoft of the usual cinematic brilliance you produce...

    It's always sad to hear you've left Montreal again but it's like the best thing in the world for recording it seems :)

    Travel well my friend

  2. I can't wait for this album. True Blue and Coast to Coast have been stuck in my head for what seems like months and months and months and months.

    Always looking forward to your posts... and new releases.

  3. thanks guys, it means a lot to me. I really appreciate it.