Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Antwerp - Roberto Bolaño

I don't read that often, but this book really blew my imagination out into the stratosphere. It reads like a minimalist crime novel, in the way its constructed its very film-like in nature. The cut up verses of scenarios and scenes have an effect that's akin to fast paced editing in film, each line comes to you like rapid fire scenes that takes the readers imagination into its exotic locales of hotels, where whores, voyeurism, murder, and bizarre sex take place.

If you like minimalism, crime novels, night trains and film noir, this is heaven.


  1. Definitely read The Savage Detectives then

  2. just picked up a copy the other day yo, curious about 2666 as well.

  3. yea i'm reading that one right now

    we should compare notes later

  4. 2666 is a long read, but it's really good, especially the last section