Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Water Park OST

I'm a bit late on the announcement of this film score I did for Evan's film Water Park, as I was on tour in Asia when it was released, but it is now available out on A recordings Ltd, special thanks to Anton Newcombe who had faith in what I do when no other labels wanted to put out an instrumental film score LP as they deemed it "not profitable."  I feel blessed and am very proud to present more work this year that showcases the other side of Dirty Beaches.  After badlands, I've retired the idea of flirting with the concept of samples and have returned to my old territory of synth, basic electric guitars, drum machines, along with experimentation in newer territories like electronic drum pads, and casio digital guitars, which you will hear on the new double LP "Drifters/Love is the devil, coming out later this year in May via Zoo Music.  Can't wait to get it out and share it with the world.  I'm also working on more compositions at the moment and hopefully will be able to find a home for these instrumental compositions that I really love writing.  Good bye true blue, good bye lord knows best, good bye sweet 17, and good bye pompadour.  Hello present day, hello future.  Understanding the past is the first step to construct a vision for the future.  This also works well when it comes to family.  Know your family, know your siblings, know your parents, find out what or who your parents were before they had you.  They too, were once individuals.  Before responsibility and obligations and reality morphed them into the figures that stand before you.  Obviously, some parents are more chill than others.  But for those like the most of us with good old fashioned parents, this is a good way to start a conversation.

you can order water park here for European shipping:


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  1. Will buy this asap. Any word on when or if Evan will be able to make the movie available more widely or if he will be taking it to other festivals? It would be awesome on so many levels to see another live performance accompanying this film as it seems the people of Europe were lucky enough to see last year.

  2. Man, I just checked out the Toro y Moi videos Prosofksy has been shooting recently... even if the actual concepts are not brilliant (he wasn't the director) they're stunning visually, he upped his game even further post-Grimes. If there are any videos off Drifters, my dream would be that you direct them yourself and maybe try to get this dude to help you out as DP in return for your work on his film... your video work so far has been amazing though. And the end of a nostalgic era with Badlands will give a chance for new images too.

  3. paul: thanks paul, yeah i think evan is in the process of locking down some distribution deals to get it out on DVD.

    in re to video i'm not there to yet to be able to finance it myself. even the grimes video costed 5k -10k or maybe more, and it was evan and emily that applied for grants and got the funding to make it happen really amazing job of them. most of the time in the film/music video industry the hardest part is to get funding to green light the project. from video camera equipments/lighting gear/film/development of film that alone can cost a leg....

    one day....

    typist: thank you!

  4. "Floating Underwater Watching Waves" is heaven.

  5. Very excited about this! Drum machines, synth, electric guitar, sounds like what I been working on. I recently purchased a korg monotribe and monotron duo and I must say I'm very pleased with korgs recent portable ribbon synths. I also recently found a crafter mini electric guitar at a flea market. Been doing a lot of Ritchie valens and cure covers. We shall see where that takes my music.


  6. I hope you don't abandon the wild rock 'n roll vocals/guitar/samples thing forever, as that was the stuff that was so electrifying when I saw you in concert for the first time (especially with the voice like yours, to have that weapon and not use it...wow). It's evocative but far from a copy. Nobody does it like that in 2013.

    However, I'd much rather see artists I like progress and do something I might not enjoy than be in a state of artistic purgatory and never grow. There's something to be said for moving into a new phase instead of stunting your own growth for the sake of sales, an image, etc.

    All the best,

  7. kurt: KORG RULES

    thank you alex. I know what you mean, but I'm more a blues guy than rock n roll at heart. But one of them days, when i have enough money, I'll put together a full band to do droning rock n roll songs. When I find the perfect team to back me up, with people I respect and trust, the old songs will turn into something else LIVE beyond samples and guitar. One day. for now, I need to grow and keep writing.


  8. ensemble economiqueMarch 31, 2013 at 2:52 AM

    yeah i'm with those vibes. the shift is vital, keeps us growing as artists. i'm fully with it. samples are cool, of course, but the world is wide-open.

    yeah, keep shifting, growing, i couldn't be more with you. full-on.

  9. Hey man, I just watched Waterpark and WOW! I just want to say that your music is special. I feel good listening to it! Your work is amazing and very inspiring!

    Rémi from Montreal.

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