Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Water Park Theme Test 1

Just got back home from the studio, currently working on a score for Evan Prosofsky's upcoming film "water park", a Canadian film that takes place at a indoor water park in Edmonton, Alberta. The test take was inspired by Steve Reich's phases compositions, and from what my mathless brain could handle, I started off with simple patterns with 3 chords that are harmonically intertwined. And from there I experimented a little bit with William Basinski's tape disintegration technique, which is a concept to copy the audio tape until it starts corroding itself. (kinda like the VHS copy idea in which the quality of the copy worsens each time around) As a result, it generated some weird frequencies along with this tape wash sound that almost sound like waves.

Indoor man made waves.

Wish I had more time to record...will be leaving for tour this friday.

Good night, folks.

Water park theme tape disintegration by Dirty Beaches