Friday, April 1, 2011

Lantern - American Razorwire

Just got this sent to me from my pal Zach (Lantern, Omon Ra II) I was fortunate to be asked to guest on these 2 tracks this past summer, and it was recorded LIVE in Montreal at our friend Andy and Christian's studio Silver Door on Ave Du Parc. The track "Devils Rope Revisited" was orchestrated by Zach, with Andy on Drums, and me on bass. Originally inspired from one of the lessons of improvised music Zach had learned, we commenced on a freak out in the beginning playing as hard and fast as we could until our limbs no longer listened to us, resorting back down to a primitive 2-note riff that made us drift around like drunk drivers. And from there on, the adrenaline of the track finished itself, along with a happy accident of Quebec radio frequency intruding towards the middle of the recording. We embraced it with open arms. If you have nice speakers, turn it all the way up to get the full aspect ratio of Zach's Hendrix-like guitar playing.

Hear it and get it here:


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