Sunday, April 3, 2011

Practical ESP OST out now!!

The OST I composed for Zoe's short film Practical ESP is out now on Scotch Tapes, one of my favorite tape labels, run by the most amazing person AL who funds his whole tape operation from working on a fishing boat. He comes from a family lineage of fisherman, from his grandfather down to his generation. A true badass.

A side story for your amusement: Philip Tarr (Mess Folk) and I actually tried applying to work on AL's boat last summer for some fast cash, this was what he said:

"No offense guys...but I don't think you two are cut for the job, unless your ready to have every finger broken at least once... your always welcome to stop by the cabin though"

We love you Al, sorry we weren't man enough.

GET THE TAPE HERE! only 100 copies were made:

Dirty Beaches - Practical esp OST

*On the cover is Zoe's aunt Bobbi, who starred in the film. She runs a horse farm in Sooke, British Columbia. She was 16 in this photo.


  1. You should think over with whom you do cassette releases! I ordered a cassette from Campaign for Infinity and Scotch. I received nothing, not even a reply.

  2. Same. I ordered a tape way over a month ago from Scotch and haven't received a thing. Emailed them a few times with no response. What's the deal? Can you yourself contact these folks and ask them what's up?

  3. I emailed scotch tapes as well, but no response. He works as a fisherman with his brother and father, so the only reason I can think of is that he is currently out at sea. Very sorry about the situation. I'll find out a solution as soon as possible.

  4. also, annonymous 1 & mark

    give me your email so i can contact you when i find out.