Friday, April 8, 2011

Dirty Beaches - Discography catalog

Been getting a lot of emails in regards to my past releases lately, so here's a list of the complete discography of Dirty Beaches from 2006-2011.

Fixture Records releases:
Old Blood
Seaside EP
Bird EP

Night People tape releases:
Self Titled (Cassette)
Night City (Cassette)

B-side (mini cd via La Station Radar / France)

Split tapes:
With Omon Ra II (Campaign for Infinity)
With Generic Shit, Hobo Cubes, Street Gnar (Campaign for Infinity)

Solid State Gold tape(2005-2010) Via Rose Mansion Aanalog (Beijing)

Golden Desert Sun (Italian Beach Babes / UK)
True Blue (Zoo Music)
Split with U.S. Girls
(This is the only link Sibling Sex records sent me for online orders)
Split with Conor Prendergast (Soft Power Recordings / Scotland)
No Fun (Italian Beach Babes / UK)

12" LP
Badlands (Zoo Music)

Film Score:
Pracitcal ESP (Scotch Tapes / Canada)

Double Feature 12" LP
(split with Ela Orleans via Night People & La Station Radar)

Split Dub Tape W/ Matt Koshak

...and MORE!!!

Stay tuned, folks.

Work hard, play hard, get paid, write more.

* To all inquires in regards to samples *

I sampled vintage drum machines I couldn't afford from youtube and other software programs that compiled the drum sound files. All the prior releases before badlands were written by me and played by me. Misc instruments were midi triggered software instruments from: Mellotron, Chamberlin, and Optigans (i.e. Synths, orchestra, flute, strings, horns, choir, etc) The rest are keyboards and guitar. Hope this explains to all the questions in regards to my recording and sampling set up.



  1. oh shit, thanks for pointing that out. Adding it to the list now.

  2. Is there any way to get a copy of Old Blood? Any plans to press some old stuff on delicious vinyl?

  3. Kristin:

    if theres more demand for the older out of print stuff, I'll try and get them pressed on vinyl if possible :)

  4. This is really awesome.

    Thank you. I tracked down some of your early Fixture Records word, I love it. Not at all what I was expecting, but a great suprise.

    I guess most of Seaside EP is samples? On the Streets of Shibuya is perfect.

    I need to hear some of your Night People releases.

    "Work hard, play hard, get paid, write more."

    Great advice, need to actually get recording.

  5. Luca:

    Thanks man, actually there are no samples of other people's music other than my own on seaside ep. On the shibuya track I sampled a old field recording my friend did of me playing on the street with someone in shibuya when I was traveling in japan in my early 20's, and I recorded guitars and vocals over my own recording later on when I was living in Montreal. Kinda like jamming with yourself via time travel?

  6. Hah time travel jam.

    Busking on the streets of Japan? Man, you have done it all.

  7. coffee table art book of all the pix you have taken of your travels in the last year and a half!! Places and faces to look at while listening to your music.

  8. Discogs has a great Dirty Beaches discography:

    It would be fantastic to have some of your early releases on vinyl!

  9. I would like to demand a copy of Old Blood, if I may. :)

  10. Hope this doesn't sound obnoxious or weird or anything (especially because I've posted this comment so long after this was written, haha) but I was wondering what exactly you used to record the samples on in Badlands (and by extension your other work). It has this very weird feeling that I'm interested in the mechanics of. Thanks!

    p.s. i like your blogspot a lot...its really fascinating for me to see how the mind of a musician often works, the day to day life, as well as the cultural legacies of people and music