Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rhyolite, Nevada

There was a think out loud WTF moment when we saw the giant nude blonde 8-bit/lego statue in the middle of the desert; albeit a ghost town.


  1. so the deal is I check your blog as a regular and it never disappoints ...... like watching a silent movie of you traversing the globe, this blog is visually a treat, still thinking you will make movies one day!
    best regards and great land of Oz pix these last batches. Love it. Truly

  2. jennifer:

    I'm working on heading towards the film side, slowly but surely. After trying to do everything myself for the first short film, I have so much respect for you and ross for doing everything yourselves. Film is another beast completely different than music. so much prep work, and post work. I'll make my way there eventually.