Monday, December 19, 2011

Man Meets Bear

Soren Brothers, a very dear friend of mine who is a Canadian biologist currently living in Berlin with his wife, on a contract job as a researcher examining samples from various lakes (pretty cool job) but I like to think of him as an incredible musician and the first person I call when I find abandoned architecture that we can explore. As I was packing my belongings getting ready for a move back east to Montreal, I found this old transfer Soren left on my hard drive before he moved to Berlin 2 years ago. I had helped him transfer his 4track recordings into digital format. We forgot about it after the transfer and I made him a copy as well as a duplicate for my own listening pleasure.

Everytime I hear Soren's music, I think of stumbling upon a home movie he has made over the past years of his travels in North America, Japan, and Eastern Europe. It somehow reminded me of the feeling you get when you look through your old photos, some makes you laugh hysterically, some makes you cry, or both. But that feeling of "what's gone is gone" hits home so hard and deep for me on this album. I contacted Soren, and asked for his permission to share this with all of you on this blog.

Let this beautiful music accompany you through this long winter.

Man Meets Bear - Rose Road Revolution SIDE B by Dirty Beaches


  1. lovelyrotten:
    its my pleasure, Soren is amazingly talented and a good friend of mine, and I'm more than happy to share this with more people who would appreciate it.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.