Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Girl's A Horse Rider Video

My Girl's A Horse Rider from Alex Zhang Hungtai on Vimeo.

music from the film ost "practical esp" by Zoe Kirk-Gushowaty


  1. Cool stuff. You should do a collaboration with Kenneth Anger.

  2. On that note, I'd LOVE to hear your music in a Wong Kar Wai film.

  3. P.S. I hope Al the Fisherman is alright.

  4. nick:
    me too. Would love to work with christopher doyle as well.

    AL is ok, i heard from a mutual friend unfortunately he suffered from this head injury in which kinda puts him in a crazy massive migrane all day, looking at a computer screen right now for him is like spraying salt on a open wound. we're praying there were no further head injuries or complications of any sort, and wishes him the best of luck, and hope he gets well soon.

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