Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guitar Center LA

Photo by Nic Harcourt

DB guitar magazine fantasy photo? haha


  1. are you in san fran now? we'll be there as of wednesday. where u at where u at

  2. no just left :(
    in vancouver for 2 days, then back to france for zoe's brothers wedding

  3. Dude! I really wanted to see you at the skybar in LA. But it was 21 and up D; and I'm only 15 hahaha. PLEASE PLEEEEEEASE come back to LA for an all ages show :).

  4. lil dip:
    bummer dude, it was free show too :(
    be cool if we can find a place to throw a secret house show in LA next time and make it free for the kids that couldn't get in to the mondrian show.

  5. too bad! that sounds nice though, have a good time. love all the photos from travels, keep them coming. xo

  6. thanks for your hard work