Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eola - Deo Gracias

My friend Edwin White (1/2 of Tonstartssbandht) just released his solo album on his own inprint DOESARE, the project is called EOLA and deo gracias is something thats really special to my ears because it feels like god's music, like hymns from some future dystopian religion. It reminded me of Aki Kaurismaki films: underneath the stillness of tragedy and sadness, belies this innocent comedic humor.

You know that feeling when your inside a church all by yourself and there is some hymns playing and it moves you to the point of tears? Or when your alone walking whistling or just sitting still staring out to the unknown thinking of stuff? Or when you think of something funny and you burst out smiling with a huge dumb grin on your face and no body knows why the hell your giggling?

Ed's music is all of that rolled into one. And it will prove itself over time, cuz I think its timeless music, and its fucking brilliant.

check out yourself here:

*recommended tracks: Ancient Hill, Loch Lomond


  1. WOW.. Market just blew my mind away. several times...

    Again a great tip to discover some new music/movies. Thank you for all this amazing stuff you're posting on your blog.

    Keep up the good work. And please come to Europe again... unfortunately I was not able to make it to Czech Republic last month because of my friends wedding :D

  2. made a church vid you might like....Slim alone in a church waiting on his Notorious Bride! Hope your travels were swell, I always enjoy your travel snapshots.
    sending love

  3. fuxxo: i will be back soon! really want to play prague this time though.

    jennifer: i've alresdy seen it! i do follow meg and max's blog jen.

  4. .......I always imagine you on the road in diners and playing shows, not sitting at the computer...travelling man ! Sure you will be at dd land in spirit tonight.

  5. jennifer:

    yeah tell meg and max @at DDland in spirit. wish i was there. Diners def got in on the WIFI game

  6. Love this record, it's lively and fresh. an intimate experience, id say.

    Thanks for that.

    PS: Dont forget I'd still apply as your crew groupie if only there were a vacancy.