Monday, June 6, 2011


Was asked recently to curate and put together a playlist for France/Belgium college radio, the theme is modern underground music. I've selected some of my favorite friends bands, whose music I love and listen to on a regular basis, who I think are interesting artists of our generation now, constantly growing and changing. Some which have already shown up on my blog, as you might be familiar with them. But for new European audience this might be new, I hope they will enjoy the mix I made for them.

Please support us and watch us grow.

RADIO FRANCE play list:

1) red ford radio - us girls
2) blue frame - hot & cold
3) kicking the coals - parallel pyres
4) club night stalker - rene hell
5) champagne bubble bath - wild safari
6) crude vessels of sound - lantern
7) cult electric annihilation - wet hair
8) ces't ce qu'on appelé la renaissance de lame? - femminielli
9) water park theme take 2 - dirty beaches
10) side a - soviet pop


  1. About halfway through, I'm lovin' it all. Can't wait to see you this summer in Paris!

  2. Hot and cold is bomb!


  3. yeah! check out their cool trcks here yo: