Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Celestials of Saltwater City

On Friday I will be performing live improvised sound pieces in accompanying artist Howie Tsui's most recent art installation Celestials of Saltwater City at Vancouver's CENTRE A. I've met up with Howie recently after I was contacted and recruited for this project, and I'm very happy to be included in this as Howie did some really extensive research on the senior Chinese immigrants in Vancouver and of Canada in general. What he discovered were not only tales of their hardship but also ghost tales of folk lore, legends from previous generations during the construction of the Pacific Railway, and other supernatural tales from the muted generation of immigrants who left behind their homes in hopes of venturing a brighter future for their family. Like me, Howie is a first generation immigrant that came to Canada in the early 80's during one of the booms of migration in Canada, having spent time growing up in Hong Kong and Nigeria, I sat and listened to his stories over a pint of beer yesterday, and joked around about our mutual love for campy 80's Hong Kong horror B-movies.

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