Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Spirit of Crazy Horse: LIVE at Bergen, Norway

Photo by Line + Eda

SAS airlines had lost our equipment that day, we were told our equipment will be on the next flight coming in from Malmo, and all was good until a plane's engine caught on fire. The next 2 hrs resulted in mayhem as the airport shut down and lost track of ALL baggage. It was impossible to get our gear back at that point, not until tomorrow. On our last tour Frank and I had already missed Bergen because KLM airlines fucked up our booking. (Some kind of curse w/us trying to play Bergen?) So there was no fucking way we were gonna cancel again. No way Jose.

Through last minute scavenging, Landmark helped us put together something that could work as a improv set, providing us: Fender Rhodes, drum kit, guitar amps, and mics.

Special thanks goes out to Line, Eda, for taking care of us and drinking us almost to death (happily) the Viking way, and Michael (the sound guy) for recording this one off rare occasion. Thanks guys.

But most importantly, to the audience of Bergen who gave life to our performance with their enthusiasm. This show has changed us permanently in a weird spiritual way in which we will never look at ourselves the same way again. Re-charged with youthful fearlessness, raw power, and pure raucous, we have successfully channeled our 19 year old selves for 1 hr, and unleashed some kind of weird dark ass shit within. Our minds have been altered forever after this show. I finally understood how Nick Cave and some of the bad seeds got around to form Grinderman. That blood thirsting youth is locked in there somewhere, you just have to dig him out. It don't matter if your 32, 43, 54, 67, that blue bird is in there somewhere.

Don't let him die.

I'll drink to that, Amen.



  1. Hi Alex,

    Thank you so much for making this recording available. Your generosity is humbling.
    Two new singles, new soundtrack out now, Record Store single on the way, more soundtracks and new albums in the works ... you're the man!

    What was the live CD you mention on Twitter as having had on sale on the Euro Tour? The Dirty Beaches/Lantern recording?

    Take care

  2. hi andy yeah that was the Lantern DB live cd :)

    more stuff to come !!! recording a split 7" with my friends Wet hair soon at the end of march in Iowa. More COMING SOON!

  3. rawk'n'crawl! amazing show, the kind that makes you wish you had been there... but at least you can hear it. Thanks, Alex!

    It looks like it's gonna be a good year for you, and that's great news for us! B-D

  4. harry:

    yeah its been really fun year so far, with a lot of new outlooks on life and new opportunities to branch out into the film world. really really looking forward to it. A chance to learn something new and experience it first hand is always something to look forward to:)