Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introducing: Hot & Cold / Amour Discipline

Hi guys, I'd like to introduce some of my friends today who are doing some really cool shit right now:

1) Amour & Discipline
My friend Olivie and his friends in Lyon, France housed us while we were on tour last year, and soon we became fast friends bonding over stories of hard work that is put into touring and everything DIY in general. They started an online community which is best described and introduced by No fear of Pop's excellent blog here:

It features a lot of musicians like myself who will be writing, or contributing articles, insights, or life in general and of course bands we LOVE. Which leads to my first article for A&D:

2) Hot & Cold

Check out my friends band HOT & COLD in this article I wrote about them:



  1. Love Hot and Cold! Alex, you work with some really stand up people, just got both 7" records you released. I didn't expect them to come so quick!! Big ups to Slow Boy and Bronson for releasing these s great tunes! Btw, forgot to tell you I stumbled upon a Jacqueline Francois record in someones basement, American favorites sung in French! Saw what US Girls did there, or was that all you? Hope your doing well

    Your biggest us fan

    Kurdt Von Erikson

  2. kurdt:
    yeah slow boy and bronson are really awesome people, prob some of the best people i met on tour in EU. thanks for the support man. every little thing counts in an career. work hard and play hard, write more, and fund next project.

  3. Hey - this may be a weird question but do you have a spotify username? I'd love to know what other cool music you're listening to.

    Huge fan by the way.


  4. yong:

    I don't have a spotify account. but I post mixtapes on this blog, they are usually the stuff I listen to.