Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DB in GQ

During the end of the last US tour, I modeled for GQ's men Fall fashion while I was in New York. Was really excited to show it to my mom as kind of a proof to her that, "yes mom, I'm working really hard trying to make a career for myself, and NO I'm not working in the kitchen no more."

To which my mother said, "is it really you? I can't really see the face...No, it can't be you because your not that good looking."


Thanks ma.


  1. dirty plage indeed sweet gsus!

  2. That's awesome! Would make a good stage costume for your shows, ha.

  3. wonderful DB !


    Sebastien B
    from Paris

  4. thanks guys!

    obviously you guys are way kinder than my mom and sisters.

    they totally made fun of me :(

  5. lookin fine you always do with your own threads too! sending love and well wishes.

  6. jennifer:

    thanks jen, send my love to the turnbull/hazel fam. happy holidays~