Friday, July 1, 2011


I'm at my friend ben's house in Bushwick freaking out right now. I haven't heard anything like this ever before. Its amazing. NOISE + HIP HOP and the future has landed.

you can get their mixtape for free on their website here:

Did I mention already how fucking INSPIRING this is?


  1. Definitely! Can't believe I'm listening to Link Wray!! I gotta watch this again and pay close attention to the lyrics. Superb.

  2. This is serious shit maaannn!! Thanks for sharing! I love it!! Is that a Silent Hill sample in blood creepin? Amazing!

  3. You weren't kidding. This is great.

  4. oh hiiii:
    I had been trying to leave a comment on myspace but somehow it wasn't working. Anyway, I saw you on the Guardian's New Band of the Day and I just want to say that I adore, I love your sound, your influences, your look everything. I lovevevevevevveve. Thank you. thank you. Sorry. Completely out of context. I'll send you and email sometime.

  5. this is the sound of a dystopian future. its so forward thinking and ahead. so synthetic and digital its great.

  6. Do you like Dalek? When I read "dystopian future" that's what I hear.

    I was in the liquor store the other day looking for something refreshing and they were playing your record. I asked the guy up front and he was like "It reminds me of David Lynch."


  7. Digang: hahaah thats awesome. i love it when weird music makes it to public space, like liquor stores. whats a dalek?