Thursday, July 7, 2011

DB Bandcamp

I've been a loyal user to myspace for over 7 years, since the days of my old bands but as of today after they've crashed my browser for the X time, and countless spamming I realized its time to move on. Another reason why I updated the bandcamp page was discovering the tape rips thats floating around the internet. I'm not against file sharing, but some of the stuff I downloaded and checked were tape transfers from tape to digital. (The original recordings already gone through one generation of tape dubbing, so I believe the ones people are downloading for free are 2 generation tape dubs from the original sound files, some even played at wrong tape speed)

On the updated DB bandcamp page you can find older releases available now digitally, in its original sound file, as how I recorded it, and mixed it. Feel free to compare the files available on bandcamp and the ones you've downloaded from blogs.

The Fixture Records releases will remain on the fixture website, as they've switched from CDR's to digital downloads now, so its essentially the same, and they've always been really fair in paying me.

If you have any suggestions for the bandcamp DB site, feel free to let me know.


*Additional info on Practical ESP OST TAPE

For those who wrote me about the tape not being delivered, I've tried writing to AL from Scotch tapes but have gotten no response. Al is a fisherman and is one of the nicest guys I've ever met, and at this point none of our friends could find him and we are quite worried about his safety more than anything else. Once I hear back from him I will post an announcement about the status of the tape and refund those who have paid but not received once I get in touch with AL. Again, terribly sorry about the tapes.



  1. thats interestin
    but couldnt you post there your lyrics?

  2. iwwa:

    mysteries are best when left unsolved.

    I'll attach lyrics in future releases when I think my writing has gone to a point worth reading on paper.

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  4. black ridin horses are really unsolved...
    thank you for the bandcamp page...
    Badlands is the best album i'v heard this year yet - and i'v heard alot!

  5. Very cool! Thanks for creating the bandcamp page!

    P.S. True Blue reissue on tape? (Would be so lovely.<3)

  6. iwwa and nick:

    thanks guys. I don't think I'll want to re-issue true blue on tape, since most of my stuff is recorded on tape, it would sound even more lo-fi than it sounds now. I've realized that tape music sounds best with really clean recordings.

  7. Let's hope that Al is OK!


    Fixture Records is no longer offering "Old Blood" (neither CD, nor download). What's up with that? There are mp3s of it floating around on the web, but they are really low quality (128 Kbps or lower). I would happily that album from Fixture if they were made available again!

    That bandcamp thing is cool. Thanks, man.

  8. yeah all of our friends are really worried about Al. We can only pray that he's fine. As for old blood, we will not be repressing it, and since it was my first release as dirty beaches (written between 2005-2006) I feel uncomfortable re-releasing it. I will add a fixture compilation on bandcamp which was what I was selling on tours as a CDR. it features a few songs from old blood. Hopefully in the future when I get time to re-mix/remaster it, and if theres a demand for it, I'll re-release it again. But as of now, it feels like showing someone your old journal. Bit awkward.

  9. I totally understand your decision about myspace. A friend of mine plays in a metal band and they also left myspace for pretty much the same reasons you mention.
    It's cool that you put stuff on bandcamp. Some of the Dirty Beaches tape-rips you find on blogs are really low quality dubs and run at the wrong speed.
    The tour CD you want to add – is that "In USA", which includes "Black Cadillac"?

  10. Yeah I've tolerated myspace because I was very attached to it for the past 7 years, but after they crashed my browser and made it very difficult to listen to other people's music I decided to leave. As for the "IN USA" tour cdr, which has a bunch of stuff thats already existing on other releases, I decided not to. Also Black Cadillac was one of the early badlands b-sides i wrote that I scrapped all together, there was a whole batch of songs that i scrapped, for many good reasons. Although it was a fun song to play LIVE, I was very aware that I was not really really fusing the influences in a interesting way. So I abandoned it. Hope you guys understand.

  11. Hey Alex. Just received a copy of Badlands on Vinyl through Rough Trade. Sounds epic, man! So thrilled on your gear!

  12. Did we really have to wait this long.Hahah
    Missed alot of the tapes so this give me a chance to catch up..
    you guys rock..

  13. I really hope and pray things work out for Al. The bandcamp page looks good and I'm totally with you on the myspace thing. Been getting some strange spam and the whole thing looks barren and desolate. It's a shadow of what once ruled. Man I remember "make out club" and that getting pretty barren once myspace moved in. Guess the big question would be, who will move in on fakebook. Do you still use Soundcloud? Does anyone?

  14. Alex, I love love love that live piano rendition of Golden Blonde, and have been dying to hear the original version. Everything else I have heard off of Old Blood sounds fantastic. Just Sayin'
    Thanks for posting up all that fantastic stuff...

  15. Just completed my collection of your stuff on bandcamp. This website is serious buisnezz. Hope the suits keep their damn paws off it! Search Indian House on there and you
    can hear a demo of some stuff
    I been working on, free download. Peace

  16. hey guys:

    thanks for the support man, i'll be updating the bandcamp page for some of the other releases, but also i got a new 7" coming soon. it just got mastered, so we're waiting for the press plant to print them. gonna be playing on a stage where captain beefheart once played in netherlands. psyched.