Monday, May 23, 2011

post WYRD fest III

Many thanks to Aaron, marie, paul and Jane for being such amazing people and everyone involved to help wyrd fest work and blossom into a celebration of underground weird Canadian music. The comraderie was amazing as everyone helped out to load in and load out, weird match ups and jam outs that will become the staple and spirit of wyrd fest future generations to come.

Personal highlights for me were good buddies that I know from montreal that have all moved on to new interesting territories.


My favorite brother combo Eddy and Andy's raw power brother telepathy related psych rock in tonstartssbandht, femminielli's new homo erotic sleeze electronic dance music that actually feels dangerous like Gasper Noe's films. Another highlight I was really stoked to see was my friend Frank from hobo cubes, as he progressed into free jazz electronic skronk that is truly coming into his own form, and I'm super excited to see what projects will be coming out of his amazing eclectic weird multi-media label HOBO CULT RECORDS.

The one surprise discovery from wyrd fest for me was WYRD VISIONS whose twin neck dan electro classical/ghost folk/loop station compositions almost brought me to tears. Truly inspiring, dark, moody, folk music that is haunting yet beautiful. Highly recommended.

After waking up at 4am during a 12 hour night drive from Calgary to Vancouver, I woke up to see the towering rocky mountain landscape, with its snow caps barely illuminating in the dead of night. Exhaustion and dreams concocted into one weird experience that I will probably remember for the rest of my life.

After being a month on the road spanning across North America, I'm so glad to be home.

More recordings COMING SOON!

Work hard, play hard, get paid, write more.

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