Saturday, May 7, 2011

Graceland Too

After visiting the King's home at Graceland in Memphis, and a walk inside Sun Records Studio, we were haunted with the presence of the King on our minds as we drove into Oxford, Mississippi. After the show was over, we were chilling and hanging out and Cole from Dead Gaze asked, "yo you ever been to Graceland TOO? I think you'll dig this man, its some real fucked up shit right old man runs this place...and he's bat shit crazy..." this was 2am. We were told Paul Mcleod does not sleep, and drinks a case of Coca-Cola to keep his dick hard, and has the most Elvis memorabilia collection in the WORLD. I was sold immediately. After a 45 min drive, we then arrived to the infamous Graceland Too. It was now 3am. We knocked and was received warmly by Mr. Mcleod within 30 sec. From the minute I walked in I could not believe my eyes. From Floor to Ceiling, covered in Elvis photos and other Elvis related items.

He had a electric chair in his back yard where he claims that's where Jailhouse Rock was filmed. Amongst other stories, about Barbara Streisand getting fucked by Nicolas Cage and tea bagged by Jack Nicholson, or Mohamed Ali visiting his place with Steven Seagal just a couple days ago.

Although Mr. Mcleod is a pathological liar, there was true passion in his eyes. He believes in every single word that comes out of his mouth. And he is dedicated to his shrine to Elvis, for over 50 years, which has costed him his previous house, his marriage, amongst other things. All for Elvis. And at moments when he bursts our singing random lyrics, you feel like he lives for this. Just when I started to like Mr. Mcleod, he turns over to my girlfriend and says "when was the last time you flew on a plane? Did they let you bring your tits on board as carry-on's? or did they make you check them in?" As the creep factor creeped in, he looks over at her and Cole's girlfriend and says "you ladies watch out, I'm hung like a god damn race horse" and then walked away talking about the blue hawaii 45 on the wall, saying its worth 50 million dollars.

Someone please make a documentary film about him. Its insane. The best $5 I ever spent. An unforgettable night in Mississippi.

Pay Mr. Mcleod at Holly Springs, Mississippi a visit anytime, he's open 24-7.

Door's $5 a head.

I'll compile all the videos I took of Mr Mcleod after I get home. I'll post them up here on my blog.

Heres one from youtube from someone else's visit there:

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