Friday, November 19, 2010

Almodovar - Broken Embraces

Just watched this tonight, Penelope Cruz is amazing in this, fuck hollywood for trying to typecast her as just another sultry latino lady in romcoms, Cruz is an amazing actress that has crazy range and charisma, and it shows in her recent collaborations with Almodovar. The story is tight and well woven together and is probably one of my favorites of Almodovar's stellar back catalog of films. Been really into films that have a plain look without any of that fancy cinematography LOOK lately. Been mostly intrigued by the process of storytelling and its execution, and I find aesthetics get in the way a lot of the times. Good storytelling well always make a great film.

I'm a hard worker when it comes to music, but film is a whole other beast altogether. Thanks to a crazy busy summer of music releases, I've successfully managed to procrastinate all this summer and fall, and had not touched or shot any additional scenes with Bernardino for my short film, and its still sitting in my hard drive like a duck that's being slowly burnt on roast. I felt my script was weak, and depended solely on the aesthetics hoping to make it abstract. But its just all bullshit if you look at yourself in the mirror. Perhaps this is a good opportunity to regroup after this self inflicted defeat and come back stronger. Like the last line of Broken Embraces said, "Films have to be finished, even if you do it blindly."



  1. I am looking forward to the narrative quality of your upcoming badlands album. It will be like the skeleton of a film. Or perhaps like a film with a soundtrack so strong it doesn't need the film anymore.

    Nonetheless, I know what you mean about stripping the aesthetics from film and concetrating on story. I just watched five of the six Morla Tales by Eric Rohmer. They blew my fucking mind. He was the most mature of those young French directors from the sixties. Have you seen any of those movies? I highly suggest Le Collectioneuse if not. It is, in many ways, proto-mumblecore. If you have seen them, what do you think?

  2. I. FEEL. YOU. BRO.



    but agreed with ^

    looking forward xo

  3. i'm actually really curious about eric rohmer, i saw part of a film of his about an american exchange student that lived in paris years ago at a friends house, but never finished it. Would definitely be interested in checking his films out, thanks for the recommendation:)