Sunday, March 17, 2013

On the road to god knows where 5 ASIA PACFIC

On The Road To God Knows Where 5 Asia Pacific from Alex Zhang Hungtai on Vimeo.

video shot and edited by Alex Zhang Hungtai, on tour in Asia Pacfic, feb 2013.
Unfortunately, there were not much videos for Australia and Hong Kong as I was suffering from a lower back/tail bone injury from falling onto a table while carrying amps. The majority of the time through that first leg I was completely out of it on pereceptimol and codeine....It wasn't until Tokyo that I was completely not on pain killers. I surprised myself how determined I was to finish this tour, even though half of the shows I performed while being on so much codeine that I couldn't even feel my legs (my spine and tail bone were so bruised from the fall that I had a hard time sitting or standing, but I made it through in the end with the help of positive spirits and my bandmates Shub and Bernardino cheering me up holding me up, while I was falling every night....J'taime mes freres)

Each city had its special place in our hearts, and was great to see old friends in Hong Kong and Japan, some in which I haven't seen in 7 years.  But that moment when you see eachother and run and hug eachother like as if it was yesterday that you said good bye to one another.  Time corrodes a lot of things, but some friendships were never meant to be corroded.  Take that, TIME!!!

All and all, this trip made me realize that no matter how far I've trailed and drifted, deep inside, I will always be a child of the Pacific Ocean.