Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DB Eastern Europe tour 2012

Thank you to Birgit, all the promoters for believing in DB and brought us over to Eastern Europe.  We had an amazing time, thank you to all the amazing kind hearted people who housed us, took care of us, showed us a great time, fed us, and drank us half to death (in a happy way) I will never forget this trip.  Its one of my most cherished travel memories.

Highlights: Crowd surfing at a folk festival in Netherlands, Balkan BBQ MEATS, drunk and confused dancing to Ska at a skin head party in Zagreb not knowing if they were neo nazis or the good skin heads, drinking myself to death in Reykjavik, drinking myself to death in Belgrade and watch the sun rise at the danube river, listening to Alexander's beautiful opera that he composed, Clapping my hands traditional greek men style one knee on the ground showing appreciation for the women dancing for me, afterhours kebab stand bro down with the 2 coolest cooks from Turkey in Vienna, Drinking 6 different kinds of vodka and puked out the borscht and pirogi I had just eaten 4 hrs ago in Krakow, playing Anton's mellotron in Berlin for 2 nights straight, sunday park sun bathing in paris, and all and all it just seemed like a dream that was over too soon.

Thank you.  To new friends, no sleep, friendship, and the never ending road that leads to god knows where.

Yours truly,


October 3rd, 2012, Montreal.  


  1. looks like good people, good food, all in good places. right on!

  2. My gosh, a Sydney show just got announced. Thank you. I've been waiting a v long time.

  3. wow! I enjoyed seeing every snap of your...who has caught them? ...nice!

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