Monday, July 30, 2012

4 Way split 12" Vinyl LP w/ Ela Orleans, US Girls, Slim Twig

hi guys, Clan Destine Records in UK are now setting up pre orders for our 4 way split LP titled: STATEMENT, featuring Ela Orleans, US Girls, slim twig and myself. Theres only 500 copies so first come first serve.

you can order it here:

you can preview some tracks here:


  1. I preordered this In the beginning of July! I can't wait for this mang! This is a big big deal brotha!

  2. Only one DB track? You're killing me, man.

    ...ah, who am I kidding, I'll still buy it. Looking forward to hearing it.

  3. see youve already found use fro the music from the film score. awesome. definitely going to purchase this. also cant wait to hear the rest of the stuff from the film score.

    slim twig being included in this is just as awesome.

  4. kurdt: thanks man!

    sermonz: more DB releases coming soon mang, hang tight!

    yeah man there will be more to come. COMING SOON

  5. Man I hope Tsai hears this, maybe you'll be doing another soundtrack without having to worry over Taiwan's politics after all. Beautiful music anyway, and awesome title.

  6. xiao:
    It would be amazing to work with tsai ming liang one day. fingers crossed...

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