Thursday, March 24, 2011

Badlands review

Dissected by Abe Ahn with impeccable precision.


  1. Hi Alex, I discovered "Badlands" this week at a local record store here in Cologne/Germany – one of the greatest new records in a long, long time. What originally attracted me to it as I saw it on the shelf in the store was the cover photo, but the record is perfect in every other way, too. Thank you, man! There is nothing out there right now that sounds like "Badlands". You talk about the influence of movies on your work. Do you know "The Loveless" (Kathryn Bigelow's first, 1982, a biker movie set in the 1950s)? I see that film playing in my mind when I listen to your music. Thank you again. Take care, Andy

  2. Andy-
    yeah I have that movie on DVD actually. I really liked Willem Dafoe's performance in that one. But overall that film lacked a bit of substance. But I really liked his character. Thanks for the support~


  3. I just discovered your song A Hundred Highways on youtube and I was wondering whats the riff you play. It reminds me Little Boys from Devendra Banhart (the end of the song actually)

  4. patrice:
    it comes from a sample of les rallizes denudes "night of the assasins" which was another riff they stole/referenced from little peggy march's "I will follow him", re-contextualized. No devandra banhart involved.

  5. There is a great "Badlands" review on "ZEIT online":
    "DIE ZEIT" is the German equivalent of the "New York Times", so this is a pretty high-profile review!


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