Monday, January 31, 2011

Interview W/ CHRW radio

Interviewer Mike Bot did a great job compiling all the music that was featured on his show that he co-runs with his girl, and nailed pretty much all of my influences in one interview. If only all the music journalists could be as professional, and thoughtful as Mike. Here's to you bud.

Listen to the show here:



  1. Great Interview, great music. There is a lot of power in the sources of inspiration you draw from in the sense that you are beginning to generate their intersection, and also creating something absolutely new. I feel that you have been busy laying the groundwork for much growth. But it also means much work yet to be done! I totally agree with you about the hardworkingness of VG!

  2. the internet is pretty awesome, where you can get excited reading about a scene in some distant land, or watch videos of so many people around the world doing cool shit, and it makes you want to work hard and put out more work. Unfortunately for china, the communists have censored the internet, and its a real bitch to do anything or publish anything. I found out from talking to the kids in beijing where you can't even post anything that has sensitive wording, regardless of the context. For example, if you were to type "bomb" or "revolution" anywhere in your online journal, your entry will be blocked from being able to post online. facebook, youtube, blogs, and a lot of websites are all blocked. It is very unfortunate for the kids there.