Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eargasm Lodge - Dirty Beaches Mix

Here's a guest mix Eargasm asked to me to make for their listeners, taken from some of my favorite artists and tunes, it also features 2 of my friends who are incredibly talented : "Lantern", and "Hot & Cold" Also, check out fellow Night People comrade "Rene Hell"

1. Blue train - Johnny Cash
2. I'll be on my Way - Bob & Fred
3. Roll Roll Train - Hasil Adkins
4. I Want to be Wanted - Brenda Lee
5. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes - Nat King Cole Trio
6. The Others in Their Worlds - Sun Ra
7. Tears for Dolphy - Ted Curson
8. The Shadow Knows - Link Wray & the Raymen
9. Catman - The Birthday Party
10. Uighur Pop - Hot & Cold
11. Desert Trip - Gil Melle
12. Untitled - Lantern
13. Bordes of Heaven - Rene Hell
14. Ghost of Love - David Lynch
15. Don't Let the Devil Ride - Ike Gordon
16. Dark Night of the Soul - Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse feat. David Lynch
17. March Theme - Sensational Happy Travelers
18. Diane, its 8am, Seattle, WA - Agent Cooper

Dirty Beaches - Eargasm Lodge Mix 2.0 by eargasmlodge


  1. You would love Kenneth Anger's work - Scorpio Rising especially, if you don't already!

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  3. -milky

    yeah more people should know about them. They're 2 brothers who grew up in random places like me. They're dad is also really cool, who is into noise and john zorn. (yeah sounds too good to be true, but its true. Amazing guy that raised his kids well)

    I have never seen that film, just saw a little clip of it on youtube and I really want to see it now. Thanks for sharing man!